With Skills I provide trainers and instructors the posibility to maintain a progress report of the skills of their pupils. Optionaly they can invite pupils (based on their email address). He or she can also create an account, in order to follow their own progress. This allows trainers to get an overview of the overall progress of their pupils.
If desired, up to two other people can be linked to a report, for example parents, allowing them of get insight into their childrens progress.

Everything is easily accomplished in 6 steps ...

Setup a report

Create your own progress report and add skills to it. Choose a default scoring scale for your report, to allow trainers to set a grade. If you have created a progress report in the past, you can change it. Or make a copy, so your changes wont influence the existing reports.

Create a training group

After you've create a progress report, you can setup your training group. Select a report to use, you can create more groups if you like.

Add pupils to your group

Now you can add pupil to your group. Just type their name and add them to the group, but if you want to enable them to see their own report, then use their email address instead of their name. If theirs an account with the address you specify, they'll receive an invite right away. When no account could be found, you'll get the option to send an email invitation. After the pupil is added to the group, you can add at most two additional email addresses to invite parents/guardians. To allow them access to the pupil's report.

Track progress

Now you can start filling the reports for all of your pupils in the group, by using the selected scale you can give a grade for how well they perform.

Pupils get insight

In case you used an email address of a pupil and they accepted yout invitation, they'll be able to see their own report. The same goes for all other people (parents/guardians/(girl)friend) you've invited.

Work together

Do you train with multiple trainers or are you just managing the groups for your club or organisation? You can add other trainers to your groups, this will allow them to update the reports for all pupils in the group. Just add them by their email address.